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This morning I booted my PC, started Visual Studio only to find all my TFS workspaces were missing.

I opened a visual studio command prompt and ran:

tf workspaces

this confirmed that all my workspaces were still on my pc.

I mapped a project to the default workspace, checked out a file – it showed the file checked out to a different user!

After a bit of googling it turns out that Windows had cached the “wrong” credentials. To resolve this open Control Panel (Windows 10) and go to “manage your credentials” then “Windows credentials” and click on the entry for the TFS server then click the “remove” link.

This issue occurred because I had logged into a website hosted on “devops” server as another user. Our TFS is also hosted on the “devops” server.

Removed the entry from the credentials cache then restarted Visual Studio. My workspaces are now found 

If you has not found, you should delete the conflicted workspace and mapping again.

See more : http://thegioi360.vn/pos...eady-Mapped-in-Workspace

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