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10 Workplace Trends You'll See in 2015

by Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily Senior Writer

More social responsibility, an increased blurring of the lines between home and work life and the added use of mobile assessments are among the top workplace trends for 2015, according to a new study from the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology(SIOP).

Each year, the SIOP surveys its members to determine what organizations should expect in the coming year. This year's top 10 workplace trends are:

  1. Mobile assessments: With technology continuing to grow and progress, SIOP members predict mobile assessments will be used increasingly more for selection, performance management and training and development decisions. With this in mind, the SIOP says it will be critical for businesses to get a better grasp on how mobile technology, as well as social media and social collaboration, are changing how employees are selected and recruited and how it can be used to help with performance management, worker engagement and training.
  2. More Big Data: The trend of relying on Big Data won't be fading away anytime soon. SIOP members expect that as the automation of collection and storage of data becomes easier, databases become larger and hardware and software become more advanced, empirically based Big Data predictions will become increasingly essential to workplace decisions.
  3. Less work-life balance: As the result of the proliferation of wearable technology, Google glass, smartphones and social media, employees should expect the boundary between their work and home life to continue to diminish. SIOP members believe this will make it even harder for workers to maintain a healthful work-life balance in 2015.
  4. Technology changes: Each year technology seems to change the way work gets done. 2015 will not be any different. SIOP members predict that technology will continue to radically transform all aspects of the workplace, including an increase in automation of certain tasks and jobs and changes in how employees perform assignments and interact with others.
  5. Doing more with less: The trend of having to do a better job of optimizing resources due to declining budgets will continue in the new year. SIOP members foresee these strategies continuing to be a core of many organizations' business strategies.
  6. Multigenerational workforces: With four generations – Generation X, Generation Y, baby boomers and the silents/veterans – making up the current U.S. workforce, it will be imperative for businesses to make sure all those employees can successfully work together. In 2015, SIOP members believe organizations will have to work hard to meld everyone's differing perspectives, assumptions and skills.
  7. Recruiting new employees and retaining high achievers: As the job market continues to heat up, businesses will have to place an increased emphasis on recruiting and selecting new employees this year, while still retaining top talent.
  8. Diversity initiatives: Simply having a diverse workforce isn't the advantage it used to be for many organizations. SIOP members believe that in 2015, business leaders will have to make the most of their diverse staff by knowing how to properly and effectively deal with such diversity.
  9. More social responsibility: Companies are no longer judged solely on their revenue or stock prices. SIOP members expect that in 2015, an even greater importance will be placed on how organizations can give back to their local and global communities. Corporate social responsibility is quickly becoming a requirement for businesses that want to be seen as responsible organizations.
  10. New laws: With new years, come new laws. In 2015, changes in current laws and the passage of new ones – such as the Affordable Care Act, updated Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs requirements, and state laws on marijuana use  – may affect a number of human resources and organizational practices. It is critical for businesses to be aware of these laws and fully understand how they affect their organization.

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