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When we deal with new customers, it is easy for us to get stuck with the fuzzy requirements in business rules. And there is a question how to clarify these requirements.

- Firstly, in order to clarify requirements, we need read the document mutliple times and list all detailed requirements.

- Secondly, we should highlighten the ambiguous requirements, and prepare some questions for the customers to clarify the ambiguity in requirements

- Thirdly, we use email to confirm our assumptions of their ambiguous requirements or get reply for our questions.

There are some specific steps as follows:

 1. Reading document and find out the solutions for the customer requirements.

    - Listing of all details requirements

    - Finding out the missing or addition in business rules in the document

    - Finding out solutions if required

    - Prepare some questions for making clear in the requirements

 2. Write email to clarify the documents

    a. Summary of contents

        - Understands of requirements

        - Understands of the existing system 

    b. Propose options or  solution for changing: pros and cons of each solution

    c. Is the best solutions or suggested solutions? Reasons?

3. After solution has been confirmed or requiremnts has been clarified, you should make :

    - The correctness or clarification ?

    - The wrong understand ? Where ?

    - Working out and test. If there is missings or additions, you have to modify business rules

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