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This is a great opportunity for you to customize your new report only with the elements important to you such as:

  • Visitor from a specific country, state or city
  • Keyword phrases with your name in them
  • Top landing pages
  • Home page traffic sources
  • Which mobile devices visitors are using

Step 1. Setting up the Initial Email

When in the report you want to start with, click the “Email” link.

Google email reports

Starting with the first report

This will open up your setup screen to add email recipient(s), the type of attachment (you’ll also see the report in blue box), frequency, day of month (for weekly), email message, and length of time (it’s only available for 12 months at this time). NOTE: it says “Send” when it should say “Schedule” (a Google bug, we think, but this is in BETA testing).

Google email reports step 2

Google email report interface

Step 2. Adding Elements to your Report

If you want to add a new element to the report, when in the element you want to add (e.g. Visitor Location), click “Email (BETA)” again then “Add to existing email” in the lower right corner (see #2 above). You’ll then see this next screen with a (1) next to the report you just set up:

Google email reports step 3

Add to existing Google email report

Google email reports step 4

Selecting the report (click to see larger image)

Step 3. Checking your Reports

Under “Admin” and “Scheduled Emails”, you will be able to select and manage your email reports.

Google email reports step 5

Manage your Google email reports

You should also check that the reports are extended for as long as you need them. It seems that Google has only allowed 12 months at the time of writing.

Google email reports step 6

Extend Google email reports

There must be an Easier Way?

There is. We can do this for you and include some additional items:

  • Set up Google Analytics email report
  • Google Webmaster Tools “health check” (site maps, crawl errors, settings)
  • WordPress “health check” (update and add new plugins, update WordPress)
  • PMD monthly traffic report using any analytics software you have running (can also include Facebook Insights, email newsletters, AdWords)

Source : http://www.market2all.com/

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