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WebStorm provides CoffeeScript support. WebStorm recognizes *.coffee files, and allows you to edit them providing full range of coding assistance without any additional steps from your side. CoffeeScript files are marked with icon_CoffeeScript icon.

To run, debug, and test your code you will need it translated into JavaScript which requires a transpiler and Node.js. For more details on CoffeeScript transpilation, see Transpiling CoffeeScript to JavaScript.

Preparing for CoffeeScript development

To prepare for CoffeeScript development, follow these steps

  1. Make sure the CoffeeScript and Node.js plugins are enabled. The plugins are bundled with WebStorm and activated by default. If they are not, enable the plugins, see Enabling and Disabling Plugins for details.
  2. Download and install the Node.js framework.
  3. Configure the Node.js interpreter in WebStorm:
    1. On the Node.js and NPM page that opens, specify the location of the desired Node.js interpreter.

Coding Assistance

CoffeeScript support includes:

  • Code completion for keywords, labels, variables, parameters and functions.

  • Error and syntax highlighting.
  • Code formatting and folding.
  • Refactoring:
    • Common refactoring procedures, such as extract method , inline,rename/move, etc.
    • CoffeeScript-specific refactoring procedures, such as change signature, extract parameter, extract variable.

    See JavaScript-Specific Refactorings for details.

  • Code generation
  • Navigation through source code
    • Navigating with Structure View.
    • Navigate | Declaration (Ctrl+B).
    • Navigate | Implementation (Ctrl+Alt+B) from overridden method / subclassed class.
    • Navigate | Symbol (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N.
  • Compiling to JavaScript for further running, debugging, and testing, see Running CoffeeScript and Debugging CoffeeScript.
  • Executing CoffeeScript files involves:
    • Ability to preview results of CoffeeScript files compilation to JavaScript.
    • Ability to launch CoffeeScript files from the context menu.
    • Run/debug configuration for NodeJS includes the ability to use CoffeeScript plugin.

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