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Career Path

performance appraisal (PA), also referred to as a performance reviewperformance evaluation(career) development discussion, or employee appraisal is a method by which the job performance of an employee is documented and evaluated. Performance appraisals are a part of career development and consist of regular reviews of employee performance within organizations.

A performance appraisal is a systematic and periodic process that assesses an individual employee's job performance and productivity in relation to certain pre-established criteria and organizational objectives. Other aspects of individual employees are considered as well, such as organizational citizenship behavior, accomplishments, potential for future improvement, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

To collect PA data, there are three main methods: objective production, personnel, and judgmental evaluation. Judgmental evaluations are the most commonly used with a large variety of evaluation methods. Historically, PA has been conducted annually (long-cycle appraisals); however, many companies are moving towards shorter cycles (every six months, every quarter), and some have been moving into short-cycle (weekly, bi-weekly) PA. The interview could function as "providing feedback to employees, counseling and developing employees, and conveying and discussing compensation, job status, or disciplinary decisions". PA is often included in performance management systems. PA helps the subordinate answer two key questions: first, "What are your expectations of me?" second, "How am I doing to meet your expectations?"

Performance management systems are employed "to manage and align" all of an organization's resources in order to achieve highest possible performance."How performance is managed in an organization determines to a large extent the success or failure of the organization. Therefore, improving PA for everyone should be among the highest priorities of contemporary organizations"

A project manager (PM) is the person responsible for accomplishing the project objectives. Key project management responsibilities include

  • defining and communicating project objectives that are clear, useful and attainable
  • procuring the project requirements like workforce, required information, various agreements and material or technology needed to accomplish project objectives
  • managing the constraints of the project management triangle, which are costtimescope and quality

A project manager is a client representative and has to determine and implement the exact needs of the client, based on knowledge of the organization they are representing. An expertise is required in the domain the Project Managers are working to efficiently handle all the aspects of the project. The ability to adapt to the various internal procedures of the client and to form close links with the nominated representatives, is essential in ensuring that the key issues of cost, time, quality and above all, client satisfaction, can be realized.

Project Management Key Topics

  • to specify the reason why a project is important
  • to specify the quality of the deliverables
  • resource estimate
  • timescale
  • Investment, corporate agreement and funding
  • Implementation of management plan on to the project
  • team building and motivation
  • risk assessments and change in the project
  • monitoring
  • stakeholder management
  • provider management
  • closing the project
LayerNo.PositionLevelMonths / YearsCondition to upgrade level
Staff1Engineer (E)112New gradPA >= 3 & no criteria under 3
312 Refer to the Promotion Criteria
2Senior Engineer (SE)4123 yearsPA >= 3 & no criteria under 3
612 Refer to the Promotion Criteria
3Consultant (C)7126 yearsPA >= 3 & no criteria under 3
912 Refer to the Promotion Criteria
Staff/ Management4Senior Consultant (SC)10129 yearsPA >= 3 & no criteria under 3
 1112 Refer to the Promotion Criteria
 5Principal Consultant (PC)1212 Refer to the Promotion Criteria
Management1Manager (M)10129 yearsPA >= 3 & no criteria under 3
1112 Refer to the Promotion Criteria
 2Senior Manager (SM)1212 Refer to the Promotion Criteria
Executive1Director (D)13  
2Senior Director (SD)14  
3Vice President (VD)15  

Promotion Criteria

LayerPromotion ToNecessary conditions Additional Conditions 
LevelPARemarksBusiness Needs
(no criterion under 3)  
StaffE to25Skip Level & Get Promotion– NoNo
SE (Level 4)3>=3+ 
SE to55Skip Level & Get Promotion– Pass 10' Communication Check Presentation No
C (Level 7)6>=3+ – Pass Presentation
Staff/ ManagementC to85Skip Level & Get Promotion– “Performance on Job” & “Job Knowledge” >= 4Yes
SC (Level 10)9>=3+ – Pass Thesis
SC to105Skip Level & Get Promotion– “Performance on Job” & “Job Knowledge” >= 4Yes
PC (Level 12)11>=3+ – Pass Thesis
ManagementC to85Skip Level & Get Promotion– “Performance on Job” & “Management” >= 4Yes
PM (Level 10)9>=3+ – Pass Thesis
PM to105Skip Level & Get Promotion– “Performance on Job” & “Management” >= 4Yes
SM (Level 12)11>=3+ – Pass Thesis

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