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PA : Performance appraisal

PMO :  A project management office, abbreviated to PMO, is a group or department within a business, agency or enterprise that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization

HR : Human Resouce

SM : Senior Manager

PM : Project Manager

BOJ   :Board of judgment

 BOD : Board of Directors

1June 03June 073- PMO 

- HR

- Collect the list of people who will join PA 12/2016 

- Prepare for the company-wide English Test

2June 08June 178- HR 

- PM

- Update the PA list on PA tool 

- Double-check the PA list

3June 20June 234- HR- Inform the list of people who will join English test
4July 18July 225- HR 

- SM/PM 

- HR/Director

- Inform employees to conduct self-assessment. 

- Appoint appraisers. 

- List of presentation for promotion (until Aug 15)

5July 25July 295- Appraiser 

- Employee

- Build Feedback list 

- Self-assessment (cont.)

6July 27July 282- HR- English Test
7August 01August 011- HR- Start PA
8August 01August 055- HR 


- Mark the English test 

- Collect Feedback, integrate ideas and give convenient time for one-to-one meeting

9August 08August 3118- SM/PM- One-to-one meeting
10August 08August 092- HR 


- English Test Result 

- Update English Mark on PA tool

11August 17August 171- HR- Announce list of presentation for promotion
12September 19September 191- HR- Inform the presentation schedule for promotion
13September 27September 282- HR- English Re-test
14September 05October 3141- HR 

- BOJ + Presenters

- Collect slides of presentation (until Sep. 30) 

- Board of judgment 

- Presentation for Promotion (Oct. 3 – Oct. 29)

15November 01November 1713- HR 


- Result of Presentation for Promotion (Consultant + SC/PM and upper) 

- PA Rating 

- Send the list of PA rating, promotion to Director

16November 18November 256- Directors- Review with SM/PM 

- Send the results to HR

17November 30December 065- HR- Collect, prepare the list of PA rating, promotion for the whole company
18December 07December 093- HR- Prepare for BOD meeting
19December 14December 141- HR / BOD- Organize BOD meeting to review PA rating and promotion
20December 15December 193- HR- Send the list of promotion for BOD and Director => confirmation
21December 20December 234- HR- Send approval list to CEO
22December 28December 303- SM/PM 

- HR

- Inform PA result to all employees, answer question and close PA.
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